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Why Become a Member of SUEPO?

SUEPO stands as a fully independent union, drawing strength solely from the dues contributed by its members. By becoming a member, you actively support the representation of the interests of both active employees and retired members of the European Patent Office (EPO). Your membership comes with a host of benefits, including:

  1. Access to Expert-Drafted Appeal Templates: Gain valuable resources with access to meticulously crafted appeal templates designed by experts in the field.

  2. Legal Advice and Assistance: Benefit from complimentary legal guidance and support, ensuring that your concerns are addressed by professionals in the legal domain.

  3. Receipt of Newsletters: Stay informed about relevant updates and news through newsletters that keep you abreast of the latest developments within SUEPO and the broader context of EPO.

  4. Exclusive Access to Non-Public Areas of SUEPO's Websites: Enjoy privileged access to non-public sections of SUEPO's websites, providing you with additional resources and information.

Join SUEPO today to actively contribute to the strength and vitality of our union while enjoying these numerous advantages tailored to meet your needs.

How to become a member of the SUEPO union as an active EPO employee?
EPO employees interested in joining can use the electronic form available on the protected website, accessible to all EPO employees within the EPO IP range. You will then receive an email confirmation of your SUEPO membership once the committee has accepted your application, usually within the next few days depending on the committee's workload.

How to become a member as a pensioner (or a former employee entitled to a future EPO pension)?
To become a member of SUEPO The Hague as a pensioner, (or deferred retiree or former employee eligible for a future EPO pension) please complete and submit the electronic membership application form.
For individuals who do not have access to the restricted website, we extend a warm invitation to download the paper form for SUEPO membership. Kindly fill out the form and return the scanned version to thehague-membership (at
Upon acceptance of your application by the committee, you can expect to receive an email confirmation of your SUEPO membership within the next few days, subject to the committee's workload.

Membership fees and payment procedure

Each year you will receive a membership renewal notice by email approximately four weeks before the due date. New joiners pay their first year’s fees pro-rata, based on the date of joining SUEPO.
If you have not yet chosen to pay your membership fee with SEPA automatic debit, please do consider it, as it considerably reduces the administrative work.
Download the SEPA authorisation form.


We also offer PayPal, iDEAL and other payment methods for members who want to pay their annual fee but have not yet submitted a SEPA transfer or do not want to do so. Alternative payment methods can be interesting especially for pensioners who live abroad and do not have a Dutch bank account.

Please log in with your monthly password to access payment options.

In these rather difficult times, we are in need of every financial support, and every member contributes to SUEPO's ability to continue its work and services to employees and pensioners.